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Liberty magazine was started in 1924 by McCormick-Patterson through 1931 and then publishing was taken over by Bernarr Macfadden.  Liberty magazine was a general-interest magazine published weekly.  Liberty originally costs $.05 and at one time was called "The Second Greatest Magazine in America" behind The Saturday Evening Post.

Liberty magazine ceased publication in 1950 and was later revived in 1971.

Fulton Oursler and Darrell Huff were notable editors of Liberty magazine.  John Neville Wheeler was the first editor.

Interesting fact: In the fiction department, two prominent editors passed away a month apart from each other in 1939.  Elliot Balestier, was an associate editor and was Rudyard Kipling's brother-in-law, and Oscar Graeve, who previously was the editor of The Delineator, both died in the fall of 1939.


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